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Planning A Road Trip

An interesting way to see your country is to take a road trip. While road trip planning can be tricky, you can find interesting new spots that you certainly wouldn’t come across on an organised tour. Road trips are also quite light on the budget, so it’s a great way to see more and travel for longer.

You don’t want to do too much road trip planning, but a little bit is really important. You should choose your general direction straight away and also consider your final destination and the timeframe you have. Keeping on track will save you from a day or two of hard riving near the end!

It’s important to have snacks in the car, but think carefully about what you want to eat – avoid the big low that comes after a sugar high by eating sweets in moderation. A bag of local fruit is a good alternative to lollies – just make sure you have a rubbish bag handy for peelings and cores. To avoid arguments, it might be worth creating individual snack bags with equal amounts of different snacks in them – this tip is not just for travelling with kids!

When choosing drinks, think about the sugar and caffeine content. You might want a pick-me-up, but do you want the several extra toilet breaks? Water and juice are usually good options for any trip – keep the coffee for the coffee break.

A car full of people is better for the budget; splitting petrol five ways is certainly nicer than paying it all yourself. But five is really too many for a comfortable road trip; I find three or four friends works best. This gives the budget a much needed injection and also means there’s a bit of room to stretch out on the back seat.

With more people comes more agendas and, sadly, you can seldom keep everyone happy all the time. Allow everyone to choose one non-negotiable activity and work with those to plan your route. If everyone has their one must-see or must-do activity included, then everything else is an awesome bonus. Make sure you don’t plan in every stop and every place beforehand — crazy stops and weird road side attractions are what makes road trips so much fun.

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