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The uses for Palisade fencing

by MilKS3

Palisade fencing and mesh fencing are both poplar types of fencing for use at commercial, domestic and industrial premises that want to improve their security. People who are looking for general purpose security fencing to deter people from trying to enter their property may find that palisade fencing is a great choice. Palisade fencing is designed with a pale head on the top of each of the fence posts and these pale heads are very sharp to stop people trying to climb over the fence. The pale heads on palisade fencing come in various different styles and palisade fencing also comes in different section profiles.

When it comes to purchasing palisade fencing or mesh fencing there will be choice of heights and some companies will be able to manufacture bespoke fences to a customer’s exact size requirements upon request. Palisade fencing comes as standard in 1.8,2, 2.1, 2.4, 3 and 3.6 metre heights. As well as a choice of heights customers can also choose palisade fencing that is hot dipped galvanised or polyester powder coated if they require coloured palisade fencing. Palisade fencing is a popular choice as it is assembled on site which allows the fence to follow any natural curvatures in the land allowing for a much more precise fit and better overall appearance.

Mesh fencing is another popular choice for commercial fencing and it is often used to surround sports areas like football pitches, tennis courts, netball courts and other sports courts to keep the ball in and vandals out. Like palisade fencing, mesh fencing can be used in many different locations and for many different purposes. Many types of mesh fencing are available each with its own qualities and some especially designed for use on sports courts. Like palisade fencing, mesh fencing comes in various heights with 2, 3, 4 and 5 metre heights being standard and bespoke sizes being available on request.

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