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Tips for Choosing Your Dress Color

When it comes to weddings, particularly your wedding, the right wedding dress can mean the difference between a memorable and absolutely beautiful walk down the aisle and a fashion faux pas remembered by all your guests and immortalized by your numerous wedding pictures.

The following are some tips and guidelines to help you pick out the perfect wedding dress color to suit your style:

Tip 1: Pick Colors According to Season. You can pick your wedding dress color according to the season. For a spring wedding, go for pastels. Colder and paler hues of lilac, pink, purple and blue can help add more color to your lovely spring wedding.

While warmer colors like deeper hues of pastels like blue, pink, purple and green can bring alluring contrasts to summer scenery.

For that romantic fall wedding, go for shades of gold, orange, red or yellow. Bring more heat and intensity to your wedding by walking down the aisle in a sizzling red number.

While a winter wedding allows you to make an extremely bold statement. Once again, you can go for deep blue and red. Another popular winter wedding dress color is elegant and classic black. Be the star of your wedding by going for a silver, or even better, a gold number that will certainly leave an impression on all your guests.

Tip 2: If you’re Unsure, Choose the Safe Medium. If you’re worried about what your mother-in-law will think, or what your own mother will say when she finds out that you’re forgoing the traditional white gown, then you can opt for a faintly colored gown instead. This type of gown allows you to retain a modicum of tradition when it comes to wedding dress color. Very pale pastels and slight variations of white gives you a great fashion statement without going overboard.

Tip 3: Set Trends with a Multi-Colored Dress. When Gwen Stefani married Gavin Rossdale on September 14, 2002, the fashion world expected something crazy but absolutely fashionable from the rockstars, but what they didn’t expect was the exquisite pink and white designer wedding dress that Stefani wore for her special trip down the aisle.

The cut was classic, the style was posh and it could have been a traditional wedding gown, except for the rich pink dye on her skirt that covered the entire area from knee to hem. This fashionable look inspired thousands of brides to experiment with wedding dress colors.

You too can be a trend setter by mixing and matching either complementing or contrasting wedding dress colors.

Tip 4: Prepare Yourself for Adverse Reactions. Lastly, keep yourself prepared for adverse reactions from conservative members of your wedding party. There are always going to be nay sayers when it comes to broken traditions, regardless if that tradition is truly age old or merely a practice popularized in the 19th century.

Keep in mind that it’s your wedding. Even if someone voices how inappropriate your non-white attire is, simply keep mum and shake it off. Remind yourself that you’re calling the shots, and that your objective wasn’t to shock people but to show off your personal style.

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