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Weight Lifting Gloves – The Pros And Cons

Weight lifters are always trying to get the most efficient results from their sessions. The faster and better they build up their muscles, the more quickly they attain their goals and as such, they look to several aspects. The first is their routine, then their equipment. Their routine is likely to be tailored to their goal, as is their equipment. The equipment, while including weights and other training equipment, will also include other items, such as weight lifting gloves. These gloves have received some doubts as to whether they’re more detrimental that beneficial to the user.


As mentioned before, all individuals are different. For those coming new into the weight lifting business, they may want to last a little longer during lifting sessions and avoid their hands taking all the strain instead of their muscles. The result of this is a more efficient session and more thoroughly worked out muscles. This decreased strain and pressure on the wrists as it’s essential that you feel worked out, not in pain from uncushioned workouts.

Another downside for some individuals are the calluses that are built up over time. The weight lifting wears down the skin on the hands and as they repair themselves, they grow harder and rougher. For some, this is a detrimental effect and gloves help avoid this. They will allow weight lifters to carry out their training with little to no callus-building effects.

One of the most obvious gains for the gloves are the effects of the additional grip. Without having to rely on your skin, especially if your hands sweat, the leather or neoprene material of the gloves will allow you to hold the weights without slipping. Wearing the correctly fitted gloves will enhance this effect, whereas incorrectly fitted gloves will result in perhaps even more slippage.


When it comes to implementing your strength practically, the gloves simply serve to shield you from the real-world uses of such strength. For example, when lifting heavy boxes, you would not have your gloves with you to do so and as such it is better to prepare your body for the practical side of things. The reliance upon foreign objects will leave you unprepared for real-life events.

Another doubt of the gloves is that they reduce the results of your training. Your hands will no need to try as hard to maintain their grip and this will result in weaker hands. Furthermore, weight lifters who have used gloves consistently will find it makes lifting easier and try to lift heavier weights. This may cause them to overwork, especially if they don’t know their limits.

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