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All About Hagstrom Guitars

In 1958, Hagstrom Guitars started developing electric guitars. Through the years, they made their way to success and were able to make a name in the musical industry.

Some of the known artists make use of their inventions for the musical performances like Dweezil Zappa of Zappa Plays. Zappa uses Hagstorm Viking and is very amazed with its natural vintage sound. Warren Fitzgerald, guitarist of Gwen Stefani uses Deluxe-F BLS. Skip Dorsey plays Viking and Swede models, and Mike Scott uses Deluxe-F Amber and Super Swede Vintage (both of them are from the Justin Timberlake Band). Curtis Chamber lead guitarist for P Diddy and LL Cool J use the Hagstrom Deluxe F Blue Sparkle. Included in the company’s legacy are the world’s greatest artists including Elvis Presley, Bjorn Ulveus of ABBA, Mike Rutherford of the Genesis Band, The Beatles, Frank Zappa and a lot more.

Here are the features of the Hagstrom Guitars that made the company quite proud of the collections.

Revolutionary Neck Design This feature makes their guitar collection the fastest neck on the planet. New models of electric guitars contain the original H-Expander Truss Rod. This firm, but lightweight truss rod offers tension on the whole extent of the neck. The fretboard, which is made from the company’s own Resinator Wood that is said to be more firm than any wood available eliminates the wolf tones and produces a very articulate sound.

Finish Beyond Belief Hagstrom uses a high quality polyester finish that creates a harder, denser, and yet smoother finish.

H90 Alnico 5 a single coil pickups in a classic soap bar shape for a broad punchy sound. HSC1, HSC2, HSC3 and Custom 58 this matched humbucker pickups and single coil hot vintage for the highest tonal variety. Different types of Humbuckers such as Custom 52 Ceramic, Custom 58 Alnico 5, Custom 60 Alnico 5, Custom 62 Ceramic, HJ50, and HF50.

Variety of colors to choose from Hagstorm guitars are made of selected Mahogany tone and Maple wood materials that enhance the sounds and provide beauty to every model made. 18:1 gear ratio machine head – a Hagstorm exclusive, gives a more accurate tuning.

A number of guitar choices are available for consumers to decide on. The company has electric guitars available in their UltraLux Series Collection, Select Series, Super Swede, Swede, Deluxe, Deluxe-F, F20/F200, F-200P, and F300. While for the Jazz Guitars they have the Viking, HJ-500, HJ-600, and HL-550. Accessories such as Hag bags and cases are also available.

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