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Advanced Cosmic Ordering And Celebrities

Many celebrities have admitted that much of their success is down to ‘cosmic ordering’, but what is it?

If you have seen the film ‘the secret’ or have heard about the law of attraction, you will know something about this, but cosmic ordering allows you to decide specifically on things that you want in your life.

What if you had a cosmic ordering service and all you had to do was request something and like magic, it would appear before you. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? The most amazing thing is that we already have this power and yet all we choose to order is more of the same.

Look at life as a menu containing every possible food – but you just look at one line of that menu and keep ordering the bread every time! Maybe you just haven’t bothered to investigate the possibilities; or you feel like you only deserve what you already have.

Picture yourself wealthy. Picture yourself running, dancing, climbing mountains and driving the most luxurious car. Picture yourself constantly on vacation with a private jet and rooms at only the best of hotels.

You wear the most expensive clothing and look absolutely marvellous. If you can picture this in your mind and hold it for a few minutes, you’re partially on your way. It is difficult to get a good picture of yourself in those circumstances if you’re like most people. For the majority of people, cosmic ordering seems beyond their reach. So what exactly is advanced cosmic ordering?

Advanced cosmic ordering can get results for those of us who have tried to use cosmic ordering before but didn’t get what they wanted. Perhaps you didn’t really believe it would happen. You need to reprogram your subconscious mind to eliminate the negative thoughts we are fed from an early age.

Most of us simply internalize this negative thinking and as a result hold the belief that it is just not possible for everyone to live the good life. Feeling like you don’t deserve success is terrible; and envying others’ success only makes it worse.

When you think that you don’t deserve to do well, you shouldn’t be surprised when you don’t do well.

Quantum mechanics is a branch of the sciences which has made available to us a whole new way of thinking about how the universe works. It provides a way of pondering why some people are more successful than others.

Your brain emits energy which is capable of affecting the smallest particle known to man – the quark. When a quark leaps from one level to another, it is called a quantum leap. When this change happens, the quark changes the properties of the atom containing it. Just think – if your mind can influence this change, than you can accomplish anything!

Many of us don’t think that you can actually change your circumstances by changing the way you think about them. They might have tried to do this once themselves – but without believing that it can work, the results are not going to be good. Quantum physics has shown us that observers can change the outcome of a process simply by observing it. If you watch something happen without believing that it can really happen, then it very likely won’t; you will then have negatively affected the outcome of that process by acting as an observer.

If you have the proper instruction and get adequate practice, you’ll find that you really can use the cosmic ordering system to get anything you want. This was well known to the ancients; it is the basis of the belief in prayer found in every religion. However, most of us now don’t listen to science or religion and end up leading lives which leave us unsatisfied.

Teaching your mind to ask for the things which are best for you takes practice; and you must first clear away the negative thought patterns which have been ingrained in you. Now there are many ways to speedup this process and let you clear away your old unsuccessful thought and behavior patterns.

Advanced cosmic ordering utilizes the recent developments in sound technology. This technology allows you to simply listen to special sound frequencies known as binaural tones which change your brainwaves to the state required for you to communicate with the universe. This is actually the same state as Buddhist monks meditate at, which usually takes years of training to achieve.

In combination with subliminal affirmations and self-hypnosis recordings, binaural sound helps you get rid of negative patterns and begin seeing results fast.

Advanced cosmic ordering can work for you. Once you master the techniques, everything you want will begin coming your way – but you’ll have to work at it too.

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