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Sexiest Top Five Hollywood Hunks

We all know that Hollywood has some sexy hunks. Therefore, who is the sexiest? That depends who you talk to. These are my personal faves for sexiest top five. For 2008, People Magazine voted Hugh Jack man as sexiest man alive. Personally, I do not have a problem with it. I have always thought Hugh is sexy, not to mention talented. He is multi-talented playing roles like Wolverine on screen and then singing his lungs out on Broadway! He is also a devoted husband and father of two children. Australian men are a different breed. Sexy, romantic, ripped! Nicole Kidman said it best. All eyes are on him when he walks into a room.

Another young Hollywood hunk would be Orlando Bloom. Orlando was born in England. He has starred in such blockbusters as Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean and Kingdom of Heaven. He is an animal lover and a practicing Buddhist. He also believes in the environment and installed solar panels on his London home. Orlando has sustained many injuries. The worst of which was breaking his back when he fell three floors from a terrace. He is swooned over by women everywhere and is the most popular male actor on the internet.

Who can knock the versatility of Johnny Depp when it comes to film roles? His boyish good looks do not hurt either. Depp actually started out by playing music until Iggy Pop. Shot him down. Under the advice of his wife, he started pursuing acting finally landing the show that catapulted him to stardom, 21 Jump Street. Johnny is not your ordinary actor. He seems to like the unusual and dark roles that he plays so well. One such movie was Edward Scissor hands. The portrayal that sticks out for me is Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean. He definitely makes a handsome pirate with that hint of arrogance and bad boy tendencies.

Of course in the lineup is the ruggedly good-looking Brad Pitt. With roles in movies like Fight Club and 12 Monkeys, he is an award-winning actor. He was married to Jennifer Aniston. That relationship was highly publicized but did not last long. Then of course, we all know about the Brangelina link up. You cannot look at a magazine without seeing Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Now they have many children between them and seem to be still in love and looking to the future and more children? Wow, they must have a lot of energy!

Finally, to round out our sexiest hunks it is George Clooney. What can you say about George Clooney? Plenty! He is suave, debonair, and sophisticated. He is a real actor and he breathes that into his roles, which not many actors achieve. He just wants to be a regular person but we all know he is not. He is passionate about many things and can keep you fascinated by his conversation. His position on ER really had many people enthralled and watching the show. His newest project is a movie called “Men Who Stare at Goats”. In this movie, he looks a little different donning military gear and a push-broom mustache! Will this be another hit for the actor? I would have to wager, “Yes”!

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