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Famous Women In Showbiz Wear Great Watches

Just like other personal accessories, watches are really important for the image of the wearer. If some women collect precious necklaces or earrings, others prefer to collect brand watches, that they wear on special occasions to embellish their outfits. Ever since 1847, the year when a French talented jewelry master gave birth to a company that will offer its masterpieces to many crowned heads of Europe, watches have been adorning the wrists of many celebrities and successful women in showbiz.

Women with expensive tastes also like to wear chic watches with ceramic chronograph, rose-gold diamond dial and diamond hour markers.
But others prefer more affordable brands. Stars like Oprah Winfrey, Kathy Griffin and Allison Janney have all become fans of the same new trendy watch brand. On her annual Favorite things Christmas show Oprah recommended her audience beautiful trendy watches as best Christmas gifts. Even Madonna and Al Gore are known to be fans of this watch brand. The watches have a luxury look at an accessible price. Besides, they are practical and reliable.

As the androgyny look becomes more and more popular, it’s becoming fashionable for women to wear men’s watches. Kim Kardashian, the famous reality show star, has been seen wearing an oversize masculine watch which looks so wonderful on her wrist. The famous Lady Ga Ga is showing off her neon yellow watch in two of her videos.

As many people want to identify with their idols, naming fascinating women in showbiz as brand ambassadors is probably the best advertisement for most famous watch brands. Many successful women in showbiz are the image of famous watch brands; for example, Uma Thurman and Nicole Kidman are signature faces of important Swiss watch houses. Recently, the elegant Kate Winslet received the same title from an important watch brand. The original singer and fashion designer Gwen Stefani has chosen a cool oversize watch with 100 diamonds adorning its bezel. But you dont have to burn a hole in your pocket by purchasing the most expensive watch in order to look cool.

Seiko arctura is a special watch designed for people with strong personality.

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