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Bounce Your Way To A Lean Body On Leisure Trampolines

Everyone remembers how much fun it was to bounce on a trampoline when they were kids. Flips, double-bouncing, playing popcorn. What you might or might not already know is that even if you aren’t a kid you still can use a trampoline – and this time it will help you lose weight, feel great, and stay in tip top shape. Companies out there are responding to customers’ desires to have fun while working out and are producing trampolines specifically for adults.

The first question everyone seems to want to ask when finding out about a new workout is “How many minutes do I have to do this?” Well, that attitude is destined for failure. You should worry less about ‘having’ to work out and more about what will get me the best results. Focus on results and choose a fun activity, and you will stop thinking of the work out as an obligation and begin thinking of it as a game.

The first thing to keep in mind is consistency. This means every day you need to bounce on the leisure trampoline. Not once a week. Not once a month. Every day. It is the repetition and consistency that will bring about lasting results.

Perhaps a better question would be, aHow long should I be using the trampoline every day to burn fat and lose weight?a However, first Iall answer your original question. Fatty acid utilization (what makes your body draw from and burn those excess fatty tissues) usually does not occur until at least 30 minutes of exercise have passed. Thus, you should probably be spending at least an hour on the trampoline every time you use it, probably once or twice a day on average.

Yes, an hour a day. You wanted results, right? Well, no matter what you do you have to put in the time. Those 5 minute a day workouts you see on TV are not going to get you anywhere. They are lies, plain and simple. You want to get to the full hour so that your body gets an entire 30 minutes of fat-burning mode. If you only are on the leisure trampoline for 33 minutes, your body only gets 3 minutes of fat-burning.

The one-hour mark is when half the time youave put into exercising has been fat-burning exercise, and thatas a pretty good deal- but if you can go longer on your leisure trampoline than an hour at a time, every time, thatas even better.

As with any exercise plan, you have to always think of your own safety. Don’t work out on the leisure trampoline longer than your body can handle. Yes you want to push yourself, but if you start feeling light headed, you should take a break and get a glass of water to cool down. The leisure trampoline also offers some potential safety risks. You have to make sure that you stay in the middle and don’t bounce too close to the sides or you run the risk of getting your foot caught in one of the springs. And of course, make sure you don’t lose control and bounce off the side!

There is no cause for alarm, though. Just listen to your body and make sure you don’t push yourself too far. Let your body build up to a two hour workout slowly. Add 5 minutes or 10 minutes each workout or each week to your routine. And if you can, always have a workout buddy there. It will make it both more fun to workout, and provide some extra security for your safety. So, remember, bounce for an hour a day every day and get that body into fat-burning gear!

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