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Celebrity Jewelry Style Takes ‘Bold’ Turn

These days, you can rarely turn on the television or pick up a magazine without seeing a famous face staring back at you. The reason why these recognizable images are so important to the world of marketing is because they are trend setters, they know what’s in style and they know how to show it off. When a celebrity wears a certain piece of clothing or jewelry, it often becomes the object of desire for many. The very fact that someone famous is sporting a specific design in jewelry can literally make it shine. When it comes to celebrity jewelry style, the trends are hotter than ever.

Today, celebrity trends are centered around bold designs in jewelry. When you notice images taken at an awards show or the red carpet entrance, you will likely see women adorned in bold bracelets and dangle earrings. The latter is especially popular for those with long flowing hair, which allow for a presence that doesn’t become lost in their locks. Additionally, dangle earrings are ideal when worn with an up swept hair design. Chandelier, waterfall and linear earrings are among the popular styles that you may notice in celebrity jewelry.

For the woman who loves to adorn her neck with the latest style, the layered look is in. Whether it’s several necklaces layered in different lengths or a multi-strand style that serves up a bold look, it’s sure to be on trend. Speaking of necklaces, length is where it’s at in terms of style. If you glance at the cover of a magazine or flip through the channels and find yourself on one devoted to celebrity news, you may see necklaces that exceed 30″ in length being worn by your favorite celebrities.

If you’ve ever heard the old saying that promises ‘what’s old will someday be new again,’ you will see that statement come to life in terms of celebrity jewelry trends. Estate style jewelry is very popular in today’s celebrity jewelry market, and it just goes to show that nothing ever truly goes out of style forever. Reproduction jewelry is some of the most popular, and is made available in a number of styles. Typically recreated using inspiration from well-known celebrity jewelry collections, reproduction designs are nothing short of spectacular. After all, there’s no better way to enjoy celebrity style jewelry than to wear that which is recreated directly from a celebrity’s very own jewelry collection. The best part of reproduction or celebrity-inspired jewelry is that it’s designed in an affordable way that’s sure to fit almost any budget. Using sterling silver and cubic zirconia, the most popular diamond simulant in existence, jewelry retailers can offer a stunning collection without a hefty price tag.

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