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Celebrities On An Acai Berry Diet

The acai berry needs no prologue and is something that has a fan following in its own stride. It is then of no surprise that there are some famous celebrities who also follow the acai berry diet.

Probably the first celebrity who started the entire craze was Oprah Winfrey. She featured the acai berry diet review on her show and rated it as the number one super fruit on her list. On her show, Oprah had Dr. Perricone talk about the acai berries and how she used it to cut down on her weight as well.

Once the floodgates were opened by Oprah, more celebrities soon started to talk about acai berry and offer acai berry diet information. It was soon featured by Barbara Walters of 20/20, Rachel Ray, CNN, CBS and Fox News. Once it gained adequate fame, more celebrities started claiming to have used it at some point to help with the weight loss.

In addition to being on mainstream media, acai berry diet is also endorsed by the likes of Brad Pitt, Owen Wilson, Denise Richards and surfing legend Kelly Slater as well.

Brad Pitt started using acai berry to help with the fat loss for his movie “Burn After Reading”. It was suggested by his personal trainer and helped him lose close to twenty pounds to get into shape for the movie.

Ever since Denise Richards was spotted drinking the acai berry in the juice form, more female celebrities started openly supporting the exotic acai berry as well. Some of these include Nicole Ritchie, Kate Hudson and Jennifer Hudson. Even 6-time Kelly Slater openly expresses her desire for acai berries ever since she discovered them in Brazil.

It is not only celebrities who endorse the use of acai berry. Even star restaurants make use of acai berry to draw attention considering the status it enjoys now. Silk Harvest is an exotic themed Asian restaurant known to use acai berry as an ingredient in their menu.

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