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Taking Good Care Of Sports Memorabilia

Sports enthusiasts might spend a considerable amount of money on their sports collectibles each year and this memorabilia can become damaged and considered worthless if it is not cared for properly. Some sports card owners will spend money on glass cases to keep certain collectibles in, and then make the mistake of placing the case over an air conditioning vent. Air conditioning vents will cause sports collectibles such as pictures to warp, change color, or dry out. All of these conditions will reduce the value of the sports collectible.

* Other sports card collectors will use plastic sheeting to protect cards while they are enclosed in a three-ring binder. Many sports card collectors do not consider the amount of exposure that a collectible card has while it is enclosed in these binders. The top of the card is exposed to grease, oil, and any other airborne particle in the home. Some sports card binders will damage the card because the plastic sheeting was not meant to last for years at a time and eventually the plastic will become brittle from age and tear the items that it was previously offering protection.

* At other times, the plastic that is protecting a piece of sports memorabilia will eventually adhere to the front or back of a piece of sports memorabilia such as a sports card, baseball card, or statistical card when it is exposed to heat of any kind. Many sports card collectors do not have a problem with people handling cards that come in a box because they are proud of their collection and naturally want to show them off. The box that houses sports cards is considered a sports collectible too and taking good care of sports memorabilia means that nobody should hold the item in their hand at any time without some type of protection being worn.

* Hands are a good source for body oils and other chemicals that are used each day throughout the home and business. Any type of chemical on the hands can be transferred to another surface and if that surface is a sports collectible then a devaluation is bound to occur. Taking good care of sports memorabilia might require that the sports card owner set a few policies if sports card are to be handled by friends and guests throughout the year. One good rule to establish is that all persons must wear white gloves while people are handling sports cards, photographs, and autographed collectibles.

Another rule to set throughout the home is that smoking should be done outdoors.

Tar and nicotine, which are found in cigarette smoke can ruin the value of a sports collection in a day because the tar and nicotine will adhere to the item and cause discoloration that will never totally be removed even if a professional cleans the item. The smell of smoke will also remain in the item for the life of the item, so it is a good rule to follow if you value the sports memorabilia that you own.

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