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2005 Motion Pictures

2005 was really a remarkable year for movies. There were an array of comedies, action, horror, drama and animation flicks but only 5 very well acquired 2005 films nomination for the most famous Best Picture of the Year Academy Award. The nominees were released in February and the 78th Annual Academy Awards ceremony was held on March 5, 2006 in Hollywood, California.

The Aviator, featuring Leonardo DiCaprio was in fact in the running. This film showed the story of Howard Hughes, an aviator and Hollywood flick director who dealt with phobic disorders which left him paranoid and anti-social. The all-star cast involved Gwen Stefani, Alec Baldwin, Kate Beckinsale and Cate Blanchett. The particular film was produced by Michael Mann and Graham King.

Ray, one more bio-pic starring Jamie Foxx was as well nominated as best picture of the year. The motion picture shows the tale of Ray Charles who was a renowned pianist who lost his eyesight at a very young age and continued to turn into a legend. The flick also features Kerry Washington and Regina King. It was produced by Howard Baldwin, Taylor Hackford and Stuart Benjamin.

Finding Neverland spoke of story of J.M. Barrie, an author who befriends a household in England. This particular family encourages him to compose the Peter Pan journeys that are famous at this time. The particular motion picture starred Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet, two highly acclaimed celebrities. The particular film was produced by Nellie Bellflower and Richard N. Gladstein.

Sideways was an additional nominee in the best picture category. This smaller budget motion picture wasn’t short on laughters as 2 old college roommates travel to wine country to celebrate one’s final week as a single man. The two come across love and also peril all while trying the best wine beverages in the country. The movie stars Paul Giamatti, Thomas Haden Church, Virginia Madsen and Sandraa Oh. It was produced by Michael London.

Million Dollar Baby talks about a hardened coach who softens girl from lower income who is motivated to become a successful boxer. This kind of unconventional love story is touching and poignant. The particular motion picture stars Hilary Swank, Clint Eastwood and also Morgan Freeman. The particular movie was produced by Tom Rosenberg, Albert S. Ruddy and Clint Eastwood. The flick was so appreciated it won the Academy Award for Best Picture of the year.

The particular movie at the same time picked up Academy Awards for Best Director, Clint Eastwood, Best Supporting Actor, Morgan Freeman and Best Actress, Hilary Swank. Given that being nominated is without a doubt a great honor, winning 4 Academy Awards is definitely an achievement.

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