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Utah Tire Shops Increase Your Road Trip Enjoyment

Many road trip preparations could use a little assistance from your Utah auto repair shop or Utah tire shop. I recall my father’s nostalgic comment that the most memorable ever road trips were usually the ones with flat tires. Perhaps so-but I have no wish for such memorable troublesome travels. I much prefer to promote positive traveling experiences. One opposite example, though: our nine-day first-ever family trip to Manhattan began on a sour note because I neglected to make or find the time to research our activities before leaving home. I took the first half a day checking out our options while my family moped and waited in the hotel room with me. The remainder of the trip was great, though.

Certainly, it’s advisable to ensure your vehicle is in top shape for a road trip. Things to handle include: all fluids topped off; brakes checked; oil changed; wheels aligned, tires rotated and balanced, and all five tires correctly pressured and checked for bulges and cracks; and air conditioning, clamps, hoses, belts, shocks, horn, ball joints, exhaust system, bearings, battery, steering, windshield wipers, and lights checked. It’s also important to make sure your driver’s license plate, driver’s license, registration, and insurance are with you and in order.

It’s important to consider what you should take on your trip with you: communication items such as laptops with wireless connections, cell phones and chargers, and walkie-talkies; emergency items like candles, first-aid kit, blankets, water, matches or lighters, battery-operated tire pump, snacks, flashlights, reflective signs, booster cables, and road flares; tools such as hammer, pliers, screwdrivers, wrenches, jack, tire iron, wire, wire cutters, and WD-40; entertainment devices such as DVD players, MP3 players, portable gaming units, coloring books and crayons, books, balls and other outdoor items, cameras, radios, toys, and a list of family games and activities for travel togetherness; directional assistance devices such as road atlas, printed-out Internet directions, and a navigational system; personal items such as contact information, umbrellas, and medications; space expanders such as a rubberized fold-up carrier for car-top use one or both ways; climate-appropriate clothes for all points along the trip; and financial tools such as credit/debit cards, traveler’s checks, and some cash.

As well as planning your attractions, expenses, route, speed of travel, reservations, and stopping points (all of which can be benefited by online research on any travel topic you could wish for), it’s also wise to observe the following safety rules: make rest stops whenever you’re tired, stopping at night only at well-lit places and putting the keys in your pocket; keep your windows up in slow traffic and your doors locked; establish a password with children; leave a detailing of your travel plans with someone back at home; don’t let your gas tank get less than one quarter full; and be aware of bad road conditions such as ice, snow, fog, hydroplaning, and high winds.

Your trip can survive a forgotten soccer ball. But you could inadvertently cause an aborted road trip by neglecting to visit your Utah mechanic before you head out.

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